We Care Eau Claire - Encouraging Educators Program (Volunteers Edition)
We know how challenging it is to be in education today.  Our children are the future and we want to support school staff members through this school year!  We have a heart for our educators, and we want to show our support towards the fabulous staff in the Eau Claire Area School District.  We encourage you to reach out and support a staff member throughout this year.  This support will be shown through monthly positive messages and/or small gifts.  Our goal is for the staff in the ECASD to know that many people in the community care about them and what they do on a daily basis.

What is expected of you?  
-You would share a positive message on a monthly basis.  This can be done through letters, emails, text messages, or phone calls.  
-You would consider sharing a small gift with the staff member on their birthday, holidays, teacher appreciation days and other special occasions.

We will pair you up with a staff member based on your responses.

If at any time you would like to stop (or switch), please let us know.

We hope that you know how much we care!

Churches involved in "WE CARE EAU CLAIRE"  (www.wecareeauclaire.com)      
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How would you prefer to communicate with the staff member? *
Is there a school in the district that you wish to support a staff member from?  If yes, please share the school.  Please list no preference if you will help anyone *
Do you have a preference for supporting an administrator, teacher, support staff, beginning teacher...etc?  If not, please write NO PREFERENCE. *
By filling out this form, I agree to provide a positive message monthly to an ECASD staff member.  I also will attempt to provide small gifts for them on their birthday, holidays, and teacher appreciation days.  I will refrain from sharing personal opinions; inappropriate discussions; and will use appropriate language.  Thank you for your heart for supporting the  staff of the ECASD. *
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