MESS 2019 arrival information
Please provide here information on your arrival, payment modality, winter sport, expert level. If you don't provide travel information we assume you make your way to Berghotel Sudelfeld by yourself.

Arrival options are:
1 - Arriving by plane to Munich. You can continue by train to Bayrischzell (change at Munich central, total duration approx. 2hrs). Train schedule at
2 - Arriving by train to Munich. Continue to Bayrischzell (approx, 1:15 mins)
3 - On Sunday Feb 17 there will be two vans departing from Munich (Department Earth Science, parking lot on the North side in Theresienstr. 41) one at 13:00, one slightly later. There might be some spaces for those who are already in Munich. Please indicate below or by email if you are interested.

On arrival in Bayrischzell you will be picked up at the train station, provided that you gave us arrival information. We will provide shuttle service from the station of Bayrischzell to the Seminar Hotel from 15:24 (train arrives hourly from Munich)

Please respond the questions below, this helps us preparing the logistics.

Regards and save travels!

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Payment (even though you might have already provided your CC details, we encourage European participants to make a money transfer, this should save you and us money)
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