2019 4-H Summer Camp Counselor and Youth Director Application
Thank you for your interest in becoming a 4-H Camp Counselor at the Ravalli County 4-H Summer Camp, held July 16-19, 2019 at the 4-H Camp near Bigfork, Montana.

Youth must be 14 years old as of October 1, 2018 to apply for a 2019 4-H Counselor position.

Counselor interviews will take place on Wednesday, March 13 at the Extension Office (215 S. 4th Street, Ste G, Hamilton, MT). Make your appointment here: https://doodle.com/poll/ii5nc39it6medpds

Camp Counselor Job Description:

A. Plan camp in conjunction with Extension Agent and Adult Leadership
1. Be responsible to the Camp Director(s), Adult Leadership or Youth Director(s).
2. Choose camp theme, which includes group names, day themes, etc.
3. Planning workshops within range of ability of campers
4. Lead a workshop or serve as a class assistant/helper of a class
5. Be responsible for gathering workshop items
6. Help with recreation, evening programs and campfire activities
7. Help to evaluate camp on the basis of the camp objectives
8. Help with fundraiser for camp scholarship fund
9. Any other assigned task

B. Be the leader in developing a wholesome camp spirit:
1. Be friendly to everyone.
2. Learn and use first names.
3. Set a good example, which includes following the code of conduct and being a good role model at all times that you are representing 4-H camp.
4. Help the campers feel at home.
5. Encourage campers to participate in all activities, to take care of equipment and 4-H property, etc.
6. Respect the camper’s right to have ideas.
7. Bring out the hidden talents of campers.
8. Go over the camp schedule with campers as often as necessary.
9. Carry out instructions from camp leadership.
10. Preside at meals.
a. Inform campers of procedures for meal service and clearing of tables.
b. Lead and direct table conversation, if needed.
11. Give special attention to minimizing risk by:
a. Understanding and helping to enforce camp rules.
b. Seeing that no one is left out.
c. Encouraging good eating habits.
d. Checking on illnesses/injuries and reporting them to the nurse
e. Getting quiet after “lights out”.
f. Encourage every camper to be considerate of his fellow campers and staff.
12. Promote 4-H ideals, which include trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship.

C. Assist with other duties as assigned (ex: lake spotter, program set-up, etc.)

D. Attend any/all required trainings.
1. Participate in Youth Leadership Training, which is a part of the planning meetings
2. At least three planning meetings and day retreat
3. Leaving for camp one (1) day early to decorate and set up for camp (July 15)
4. Any time you may need to spend outside of regular meetings to work on special projects.

Youth Director Additional Duties
1. Will assist with all camp trainings
2. Help in the process of selecting counselors
3. Help facilitate planning meeting and overnight retreat
4. Assist Counselor’s in coaching their campers to get chores done
5. Complete assigned tasks by camp leadership.

Camp Counselor Agreement/Consent:
--I have read and understand the 4-H Camp Youth Director/Teen Counselor job description.
--I understand that all teen applicants must successfully complete a selection, and training process before being allowed to attend 4-H Camp as a Youth Director/Teen Counselor. This process includes: (a) submission of a completed application, (b) reference checks (3 references), (c) participation in Youth Leadership Training and participation of camp planning meetings.
--If selected as a 4-H Camp Teen Counselor, I will uphold the camp rules and procedures and abide by the 4-H Camp Code-of-Conduct during the entire camp week.
--I will conduct myself as a responsible young adult.
--I hereby certify that all of the entries on this application are true and complete.
--I understand that any falsification of information herein constitutes cause for dismissal.
--I understand that Ravalli County/MSU Extension programs and employment are open to all, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, veteran status, national origin, disability, or political affiliation. Ravalli County/MSU Extension is an equal opportunity employer.

By applying, both Youth and Parent agree and consent the above. Questions can be addressed with Katelyn Andersen, MSU Extension Agent, at katelyna@montana.edu or 406.375.6611.

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4. For returning Camp Counselors: Describe an example where you showed leadership at a past 4-H camp. *
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5. For returning Camp Counselors: What did you learn in counselor training and/or by serving as counselor that helped you in your life? (Things like awareness, knowledge, attitudes, skills, opinions, aspirations, motivations, etc.) *
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6. For returning Camp Counselors: How did camp counselor experience change your actions in life? (Things like behavior, practices, decision-making, social action, etc.) *
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7. For returning Camp Counselors: how have you changed (how has being a Camp Counselor impacted the condition of your life)? (Things like Social, Economic, Civic, using your experience to help your school or club or work, etc.) *
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8. Interviews will take place on Wednesday, March 13 from 3:30 to 9 PM at the Extension Office. Please sign up for your interview here: https://doodle.com/poll/ii5nc39it6medpds *
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