KYC (Know Your Customer) - survey for the requestor
Background information - What is Golem Network?
As you probably know, Golem Network is a peer-to-peer marketplace for computational resources. Individuals can share there idle hardware (Providers) or request computing resources in the network to perform tasks (Requestors).

The purpose of this survey - security & identity concerns from the Requestor point of view:
As a Requestor in the Golem Network, your private data files will be uploaded to Providers’ machines. Your code will also run on untrusted hardware, which creates another potential risk. Both can be mitigated with some level of Provider identification.

Let us know your thoughts on how to approach this responding to the 2 questions below:
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What kind of information about a Provider would increase your trust level? *
As a Requestor, while participating in the Golem Network, what identity information is acceptable for you to provide?
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