EducA Benidorm test de nivel B2-C1 - Adolescentes y adultos
Este test aborda los puntos más importantes de gramática desde el nivel B1 hasta el C1.
Al final del test hay UNA PRUEBA DE LISTENING que debes contestar.
Una vez finalizado el test, nos pondremos en contacto contigo para una entrevista personal.
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Nivel FCE (B2) y CAE (C1)
Es necesario que evites contestar aquellas preguntas que NO sabes puesto que necesitamos saber tu nivel REAL para aconsejarte el mejor curso.
1 I was so ______ yesterday because I fell asleep in class.
2 Many types of watches ______ in Switzerland.
3 I ______ my driving test last week, so now I'll have to take it again.
4 SUSAN I've got four sisters / RUTH _____ you?
5 What would you do if you ______ a million pounds?
6 I'm trying to ______ money to buy a new car.
7 You're from Liverpool, ______?
8 You ______ to study hard if you want to pass your exams.
9 I'm usually too ______ after work to go out.
10 My parents ______ married since 1985.
11 If you go to London, the Tate Modern is really worth ______.
12 I ______ home yesterday when it started raining.
13 People say English people tend ______ rather reserved.
14 Take your umbrella ______ it rains.
15 Could you ______ me a favour please?
16 Many new houses ______ in the town where I live.
17 ______ to post that card to Pete - it's his birthday tomorrow.
18 I don't know many people ______ still smoke nowadays.
19 Mary went to the party ______of her headache.
20 I think I've got a cold. I can't stop ______.
21 If you don't know the meaning of a word, you can ______ in a dictionary.
22 ______ I opened the window?
23 My doctor ______ me I should eat less meat.
24 Peter ______ me to go to the theatre with him next week.
25 Sorry, I didn't quite ______ what you said.
26 I wish I ______ get up early every morning!
27 Jane ______ from Cambridge University with a degree in Law.
28 Hi Jenny. How's it ______?
29 I don't smoke now, but I ______ smoke 20 a day!
30 Paris is ______ the Eiffel Tower.
31 If I ______ earlier, I wouldn't have been late for work.
32 JACK Would you like me to help you? / SUE No it's OK, but thanks ______.
33 The film sounded interesting, but it ______ to be really boring.
34 This time next week I ______ on the beach on holiday.
35 One argument ______ not smoking is that you save a lot of money!
36 I have never ______ to Scotland.
37 ______ my advice!
38 I'm going to ask my bank for a ______ to redecorate the kitchen.
39 ANDREW I'm sorry I'm late. / DAVID It ______!
40 I was ______ tired last night that I fell asleep on the sofa.
41 Do you fancy ______ away for the weekend?
42 How often do you have ______?
43 What ______ me about Steve is that he's always late!
44 By 2020 I believe we will ______ a settlement on Mars.
45 It's difficult to ______ a living with a part-time job.
46 I haven't got my keys. I ______ them at home.
47 As soon as I ______ this book, I'll help you clean the car.
48 Andy ______ enjoyed backpacking in the foothills of the Himalayas.
49 Jack Reid won the award for best actor, ______ came as a surprise to many.
50 ______ from above, Niagara Falls look even more spectacular.
51 The taxi managed to arrive on time, ______ the traffic was very heavy.
52 The minister was forced to ______ a press conference to deny the rumours.
53 Someone's taken my mobile! I clearly remember ______ it on the table.
54 Scientists are ______ research into creating energy from leaves.
55 Plans to build the new stadium suffered a ______ when the major sponsor withdrew his support.
56 Travelling by train is ______ less stressful than driving.
57 If you ______ have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
58 Quite ______, I think a lot of this talk about climate change is exaggerated.
59 I wish I ______ go out this evening, I'd rather stay in and watch a film.
60 Make sure you've had all the necessary injections before going into the jungle, ______ you'll risk catching tropical diseases.
61 Many companies are expected ______ out of business during the recession.
62 ______ the summer being so hot, sales of air-conditioners rose.
63 It's time ______ the fact that he'll never make it as a rock musician.
64 The waiter ______ us the impression that he couldn't wait to finish his shift.
65 Kim still hasn't got ______ to starting his essay.
LISTENING - Escúchalo una vez y responde las preguntas de abajo
You'll hear 5 cyclists talking about a race they took part in. Match EACH SPEAKER with a sentence below. There's ONE EXTRA SENTENCE that you won't need.
1) Speaker 1
2) Speaker 2
3) Speaker 3
4) Speaker 4
5) Speaker 5
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