2016 Automatic Transmission Design MORR / Sportsman Off Road Series Contingency Form

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    Automatic Transmission Design 2015 Sportsman Off Road Series / MORR Contingency Payout Breakdown:

    Classix, Stock Truck, Super Stock Truck, Super Truck, Limited 4 - 1st Place: $100, 2nd Place: $50. Must be a current ATD customer and complete the 2016 ATD Contingency Program Form and have an IRS Form W-9 on file. EXCLUSIVE USE OF ATD TRANSMISSION AND TORQUE CONVERTER IS REQUIRED. Must display ATD decal on both sides of race vehicle for each round. Contingency amounts are offered as product/service credit. Maximum individual contingency payout limited to $1,000. A minimum of five (5) race vehicles per class must start in a round to qualify for contingency.