Innovative coronavirus (Covid-19) responses by governments and public interest organisations
The Covid-19 crisis has kick-started a need for new approaches: a global flurry to find solutions for an unexpected crisis. Few governments have been fully prepared to deal with a crisis of this nature, and many are working hard to rally resources and unify experts from across the public, private and non-profit sectors toward a common goal. In this context, the sharing of ideas and best practices is critical: pandemics do not stay within boundaries, borders and silos, and neither should the global response.

In this context, the OECD Open and Innovative Government Division and the Centre for Public Impact are issuing this call to all levels of government, civil society, international organisations and the private sector to gather innovative solutions and inspiration on how individuals and organisations across the globe are responding to the crisis. We invite you to include additional Covid-19 responses using this form. You need not be the person in charge of the response--it can be something you came across and think it should be included.

For more information about this call, including examples of responses, visit

Everyone's responses will be immediately available for public view (except for your own contact email) as a live document to promote shared learning across countries on innovation that have been tried or proven to work. Access responses here:

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Please note that the OECD has not formally reviewed the responses and information provided and does not necessarily endorse any of the solutions included. Our objective is to share information and ideas at the maximum speed for governments to make use of it. As such, review and validation of information is limited and does not directly reflect the views or beliefs of the OECD. Moreover, the OECD-OPSI may edit or remove content that it deems irrelevant, profane, or against the terms of service published on the OPSI website (
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