enviroLENS User Requirements Questionnaire
enviroLENS is responding to the requirements of the legal sector for ready-to-access evidence and scenario information on environmental cases.
The mission of enviroLENS is to facilitate the utilization of European satellite capacities provided by Copernicus for environmental law enforcement and related cross-cutting sectors.
The aim of the project is to deliver Earth observation-based services providing evidences on environmental incidences and legal violations to support the data gathering process and to foster data-driven decision-making.
A range of enviroLENS tools and services are applied across several use cases in cooperation with national and local partners to illustrate the power and flexibility of the eLENS Portal to tackle different environmental issues.
Coordinated by GeoVille, the project combines the competence and expertise of Sinergise, the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, IUCN and DLA Piper to demonstrate and validate the value of using Earth Observation in the legal sector.

This questionnaire has been designed to collect baseline information on current practices of monitoring and reporting on environmental law enforcement. Furthermore, the questionnaire aims to collect information on existing data collection processes, use of data, as well as existing, and potential future use cases of EO data for reporting and monitoring purposes.

Based on the detailed user feedback provided via this questionnaire, the enviroLENS project team will be able to assess the user requirements, aiming to identify potential opportunities for integration and application of satellite Earth Observation within the environmental law enforcement.

We sincerely appreciate your valuable time and effort spend in completing this questionnaire and we encourage you to be as comprehensive in your responses as possible, while appreciating that some questions may not be highly relevant for your profile/organization.

More information, visit https://envirolens.eu/

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