Phoenix Fabrication Studios: Preliminary Survey
The Phoenix Fabrication Studios (PFS) is a new, community-led project organized through the IBRC. Later this year, we will be moving our existing IBRC print studio down to the Phoenix Building's attached warehouse, facing Galena St. This will allow the studio a lot of room to grow: including more presses, more ink, more letterpress type, as well as a dedicated screenprinting studio. Beyond printmaking, however, the immense size of the Galena warehouse will also allow us to add equipment and resources in areas we have never had the opportunity to before, creating a centrally-located hub for art making, invention, fabrication, collaboration, business incubation, and public art organizing in Uptown Butte. With the expanded physical resources, our education and artist-in-residence programs will a home to flourish, ensuring a diverse schedule of experiences for Butte residents and visiting artists alike. The Phoenix Fabrication Studios will be most successful if we can provide for the needs of those who will use it most, so that's where you come in!

Please fill out the survey below to the best of your abilities, and help us build this vital new home for makers in Butte! Thank you for your thoughts.
Which of these areas would you personally use, if available? (Check any that apply, or feel free to add anything not listed)
Which of these tools would you personally use, if available? (Check any that apply, or feel free to add anything not listed)
If the PFS offered these services or functions, which would you use? (Circle any that apply, or feel free to add anything not listed)
Public access to the PFS facilities will be granted on a yearly or quarterly membership basis. What do you feel is an acceptable price for a full-year membership? (Keep in mind that a yearly membership could be paid in monthly or quarterly installments)
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If you are interested in a private studio space, what would you feel comfortable paying, per month, for a lockable, 100 sq ft studio (including utilities)?
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If PFS offered work trade or donations for a reduced or free membership, which would interest you? (Circle any that apply)
If you are interested in volunteering as an Instructor or Shop Supervisor for a specific area/skill, please list your interest and qualifications below.
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Do you have any equipment, tools, or raw materials you would be willing to donate (in-kind, tax-deductible) to help us stock certain areas of the studio? If so, what? (Please include make/model/condition where applicable)
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Any other comments or questions you have about the Phoenix Fabrication Studios?
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If you do not live in the Butte area, please tell us where you are located.
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If you wish to be contacted in the near future with more information on becoming a member, volunteering, or donating to the Phoenix Fabrication Studios, please add your name, as well as an email address or phone number below.
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