Experience Corps Twin Cities - 2019 Reapplication
At our Community Update on April 26th, we discussed some of the changes ahead for the Experience Corps Twin Cities program: adoption of the EC Structured Session and Reading A-Z materials, the Tutor Log App and potential changes in the schools where we serve. We hope you find these developments as exciting as we do. At the same time, we know there could be some hard decisions for those of you who have volunteered in a particular place for many years. In this reapplication, we are hoping to get a sense of your plans for next year.
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Would you like to continue serving with Experience Corps Twin Cities for the 2019-2020 School Year? *
If you selected "no" or "undecided" above, please include a short note about what impacted your decision or what you are considering for next year, if you are willing to share.
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If you selected "no," please scroll down and submit this survey now. Thank you for your service with Experience Corps Twin Cities!
If you selected "yes" or "undecided", please proceed to the following questions.
Are you interested in volunteering as an AmeriCorps Member in the 2019-2020 school year? (300 hour commitment; Benefits include $200/month stipend and $1,290 Education Award). You are eligible to serve as an AmeriCorps volunteer with Experience Corps for up to four years.
Are you interested in serving as a non-stipended volunteer in the 2019-2020 school year?
If funding can be identified, are you interested in serving as a Foundation Stipended Member? (Would require a commitment of 200 hours over the school year or 7-8 hours per week)
Would you be open to serving at a different school next year, if it were still in the geographic area of your current school?
Please share any thoughts/requests regarding your school placement for next year.
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What is your availability for next year? (I.e. let us know if you prefer am or pm, certain days of week, etc.)
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If there is anything additional you would like to share with us regarding plans for volunteering next year, please do so here.
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Thank you for serving with Experience Corps Twin Cities! We look forward to another great year together!
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