Fibromyalgia Survey: Patient Relaxation LLC
Help the massage therapists at Patient Relaxation create the most effective and comfortable protocols to help folks with Fibromyalgia.
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How old are you? *
How long have you been having symptoms of Fibro? *
What symptoms have you experienced?
How often do you experience flares? (Flares being defined as a noticeable increase in symptoms) *
Tell us about any other symptoms not mentioned here.
What kinds of things trigger flares?
Tell us about other triggers
Treatments that have helped
Tell us about other things that have helped
Tell us about treatments that have made it WORSE
Describe how it feels to tell a healthcare professional that you have Fibro. Do they believe you? What do they usually suggest?
Have you ever withheld the fact that you have Fibro from any treatment provider (massage therapist, etc.)? If so, why?
If you've ever gotten massage therapy or any other hands-on therapies, describe if it went from pleasant to painful. How long did it take? Did you mention it? What did it feel like?
Describe what kind of massage therapy would be ideal for you. Talk about pressure, temperature, music, aromas, etc. Should we focus on or avoid tender spots?
Who have you worked with who has helped (doctor, nurses, physical therapists, personal trainers)? We'd love to interview them!
If you have any further comments or suggestions, please include them below.
If you would allow us to mention you in the credits, please give your FIRST NAME, LAST INITIAL here.
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Thank you so much!
We are working to develop guidelines to get people with Fibro the best possible care, not just here at Patient Relaxation, but throughout the country. Your input will be used to develop protocols and treatment plans that will become classes and seminars all over the nation.
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