Champion Focus Group Application
The Capitol Hill Champion advocates for community priorities in the development around the Link light rail station on Broadway. Community input is vital during the design phase, which is beginning late this summer.

Capitol Hill Champion seeks input from members of specific communities on Capitol Hill who may not have had as strong of a voice thus far in the design process. The Champion plans to host two focus group meetings for each group.

Focus Group #1: Seniors, Families with small children, People with accessibility or mobility challenges
Focus Group #2: Artists, Students, Nightlife Community
Focus Group #3: Small business owners, Workers - esp. Service Industry
Focus Group #4: Social Service professionals, Members of the homeless community

As a focus group participant, we request that you attend both focus group meetings (about 2 hours each) and allow time to review documents before the meetings.

To apply to be a focus group participant, fill out this survey as completely as possible. Please note that your responses are not anonymous and we do need your basic information to ensure you fit into one of the specific focus communities.

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