Wine Stroll 2019 Non-Profit Submission Form
Our annual fundraising event, Kirkwood Wine Stroll, is Friday September 20, 2019 from 7-10PM in downtown Kirkwood. The goal of the event is to raise positive awareness and build a stronger business network within Kirkwood and surrounding communities. From event profits, KBOA funds the annual budget, donates to local non profit organizations and implements beautification and marketing projects within the business districts of Kirkwood.

The Kirkwood Business Owners' Association is seeking submissions from non-profit organizations and civic organizations that need funding for specific projects in 2020. KBOA has awarded $10,000 to 9 nonprofits since 2017.

Terms: Must be a 501 (c) 3 designation with the IRS and reside within the NPU-O planning unit of the City of Atlanta which include Kirkwood, East Lake, Edgewood and East Lake Commons. All awarded organizations are required to have a presence at the 13th Annual Wine Stroll, assist with volunteer recruitment and marketing of the event. All donations are subject to the success of the 13th Annual Kirkwood Wine Stroll on Friday September 20th! All funds are awarded at our annual Holiday Mixer on the 1st Tuesday in December.

Submission Deadline: April 12 , 2019 Announcement of Award: May 10, 2019 Wine Stroll: September 20, 2019

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