Glenrowan/Greywood 2019 SUMMER CAMP!
The annual combined Glenrowan/Greywood Summer Camp will take place from 27th - 30th December, 2019. We will be having the camp at Lake Whakamaru down in the Waikato - the campsite is situated on a small island, connected by a causeway to the mainland. It’s a beautiful location for what is set to be an awesome camp! There will be plenty
of activities - night games, treasure hunts, sports and much, much more!

The camp is open to students who will be Year 7 and above (in the year 2020). Please fill in the following application form to confirm your son's place on the Summer Camp.
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For the Summer Camp, families are required to contribute a pre-cooked meal (quantity for at least 10 people) to be shared on the camp. For lunches things like salads, roast chickens, buns are a good idea (things that require less time to prepare). For dinners, larger meals such as shepherds pies or pasta are ideal; things that can be reheated in an oven. Other items such as breakfast spreads, cereals, baking and snacks are also most welcome!
Please select at least one item from the options below as your contribution and we will be in touch to confirm details. Meals should cater for about 10 persons. *
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