Murrieta Public Library's Zip Books Program
YOUR LIBRARY. DELIVERED! What is it? Zip Books is a way for customers to request books that the Library doesn’t own. The item is shipped directly to you using Amazon.
*Due to the Library's temporary closure, the Zip Books Program is expanding its services until June 30, 2020. Patrons are able to request five items at a time per library card. Due to the nature of the program, the library staff is unable to receive the returns until the Library reopens. During the closure, Best Sellers may be considered for purchase and they would need to meet the Zip Book Grant's temporary parameters. All Zip Books due dates will be extended until July 9, 2020.

Library customer must have a Murrieta or Riverside County library card.

Library customer can request up to five items at a time.

Library customer may receive a total of five items in a month.

The cost of the item should be under $75 for audiobooks and international language materials and under $50 for books and large print.

Item may be a Book, a Large Print Book, or a Book on CD.

The item is available through Amazon Prime.

Library customer must be in good standing with the Library (not owe more than $5.00 on your library account).

Textbooks and Study Guides will only be purchased if they have broad appeal to all audiences and they will be added to the collection.

Best Sellers can be ordered but must meet the Zip Books temporary parameters.
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