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If you rent, we need a landlord reference. Please have your leasing office/landlord write up a formal statement on letterhead including the pet policy and a statement that you are allowed to have a large-breed dog. They can email it to us here at Please note that we cannot proceed with your application until this is received. Indicate below that you have read and understand this requirement. *
Please list the NAMES and AGES of all individuals who live in the residence, including yourself. Please specify if any are home during the day. *
Who will be the primary caregiver? *
Do you have a dog door? *
Is your yard securely fenced? *
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Is anyone in the home allergic to dog hair/dander? If yes, please explain and provide info on how you will manage the allergy. *
Are all members of the household in agreement with fostering a Golden? *
Please list name, species, breed, and age of all pets currently in the household and indicate if they are spayed/neutered. *
Please provide information on all pets you have had within the last 5 years (dog or cat, how long ago, what vet you used for those pets): *
Have all current and recent dogs been kept on heartworm prevention? *
Please state the brand/type of heartworm prevention you use for your current/recent dog? *
Do you purchase heartworm prevention outside of your veterinarian's office? If yes, please email proof of purchase to *
What is the name of your veterinarian practice? *
Please provide the name of your veterinarian: *
What is your veterinarian's phone number? *
What name(s) are the vet records listed under? Please provide pets' names and the client's name. If they are under a maiden name or from a previous marriage, please provide that information. *
By clicking this box I am authorizing an agent of GRRALL to contact my veterinarian for a reference *
Have you ever surrendered a pet to an animal shelter or rescue group or rehomed an animal independently? *
If yes, please explain the circumstances. Tell us when, what kind of pet, where you surrendered the dog (name of shelter/rescue/or private rehome), and why you surrendered the animal. *
Where will the foster dog be kept when you are not home? *
How many hours a day will the foster dog be left unattended? *
How many hours a day will the foster dog be left outside unattended? *
Where will the foster dog sleep at night? *
Will the dog be crated? If yes, how many hours a day? *
What brand of dog food do you feed? *
How many times a day do you feed? *
Will the foster dog be allowed to have furniture access? *
Are you willing to foster a dog that is not yet housetrained? *
Are you willing to foster a dog that has special needs? *
Are you willing to foster a Golden mix? *
Are you willing to foster a dog that needs obedience training? *
Please tell us a about your approach to training and what methods you prefer to use. *
Are you hoping to adopt a foster dog? *
Have you fostered before? *
If yes, tell us more about that experience. Which group, when, for how long, etc. *
Please select all collars you have used in recent years and/or intend to use with your foster dog: *
Are you willing to take your GRRALL foster dog to veterinarian appointments? We have vets in Fort Worth and Dallas at specific locations, so you must be willing and able to travel. *
Are you willing to take your GRRALL foster dog to events? Events are held throughout DFW. Fosters are required to take adoption ready dogs to events as scheduled, so you must be willing to travel and take the time to attend with your foster dog. *
Are you planning to travel/leave town any time over the next few months? Please provide more information about your plans. *
Is there a specific age or sex that you are interested in fostering? *
Please explain why you want to foster a Golden Retriever: *
Please provide any additional information about your family or lifestyle that you think shows why you would be a good foster applicant. *
I understand that submitting this application does not guarantee placement of a GRRALL dog. GRRALL reserves to right to refuse placement for any reason. *
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