Unit Announcers Sheet
Please fill out this form with the most current information for EACH unit your organization sponsors. If you change information over the season, we will try to use the most recent submission. You may want to double check with the announcer at an appropriate break to confirm any changes made.
Email address
Name of School or Independent Name.
Legal school name or Organization name. Please do NOT use nick names. example: ABC High School Emerald Guard
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What type of unit are you?
Percussion, Colorguard or Winds
Please check each competition you will be attending.
What city and state are you from?
Please PHONETICALLY spell anything in question. Our announcers are not always from your area and they may not know how to pronounce your city or school names. THANKS!!
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What is the name of the program your unit will be performing?
Please phonetically spell anything that may not be clear to announcer. Don't assume we know how to pronounce your special names or composers.
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Names of Instructors/Directors (if applicable).
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