Creature Compendium Club (The Bestiary) 2020
Also known as large project club!

The Creature Compendium is a Yarn club that will bring you yarn focusing on all manner of Mysterious, Magical, Mystical and Mythological creatures. Each club will feature a different creature on yarn, and include a short description about the creature we're focusing on, perhaps even pictures, though these aren't the kind of creatures that one would see in the wild, a creature compendium of cryptids if you will...

This club is designed to have a theme to create colourways that will flow together to make pleasing large projects, allowing you to spread the cost of them over time. So you can make jumpers, multi skein shawls, blankets and more. To that end you can think of sign ups as a subscription, you can choose between 3 months, 6 months, 9 months or 12 months (as each quarter passes you can only sign up for the remaining quarters of the year, there will be a new sign up for 2021). You'll either be able to pay Quarterly up front or monthly to spread the cost. Each month you will receive your requested skeins for that month.

Choose between 1-3 skeins in any of our bases per month to make the project you want!
For Jumpers 1-3 skeins are recommend per month depending on your sizing and how many colourways you'd like in your jumper/s.
Blankets are typically 1 skein per month over 12 months for a traditional blanket club.
Multi skein shawls tend to fall in the 3-6 skein range, so 1-2 per month for 3 or 6 months.

You can also join the club Facebook group for pattern suggestions, chat around sizing for jumpers and more from the 1st of February.

Postage is charged as part of your invoice per month, at cost. I.e for the Uk this will be £3.48 per month, £10.44 per quarter.

Sign ups before the 20th of a month will ensure you receive the colourway for that month and beyond for your subscription length, after the 20th it is counted as a sign up for the next month (You will not receive any of the colours dyed previously to the month you signed up). (January sign ups close on the 27th of Jan)

n.b. I'm not apologising for the abundance of alliteration in this club description :D
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