First Communion Retreat Activity 3
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Watch the following video about how communion bread is made. Then answer the questions below.
What are the two ingredients in communion bread? *
The symbol printed on the communion bread, the Chi Rho, is to remind us that once the priest says "This is my body," the bread becomes ________________, even though it still looks like bread and tastes like bread. *
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In one morning, roughly how many communion breads can Sister Mary Angela cut? *
Now that you know how communion bread is made, let's watch a video about how to receive communion.
What are the two ways we can receive Communion? *
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We should take or snatch at the Eucharist. *
When we receive the Eucharist, how should we hold our hands? *
When the priest holds up the Eucharist and says the Body of Christ, how do we respond? *
The Mass is a meal of thanksgiving and Jesus is the Bread of Life. Plan a special meal of remembering and celebration with your family members. Share in the preparation of the food. Ask each family member to bring a picture, a symbol, a story, or souvenirs of their favorite time as a family. Share memories during the meal and pray a blessing before and after your meal. Share what you're going to have or do to make it special. *
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