ICTM Affiliate Application
ICTM’s partnerships with other organizations dedicated to equitable, high-quality mathematics education help it better serve educators and their students. To help provide opportunities for the exchange of views in the teaching and learning of mathematics, ICTM recognizes affiliates that help connect mathematics educators and organizations across the state. ICTM and its affiliates help engage educators and publicize each other’s work and opportunities to their members, and provide members of both organizations with more services and a broader, deeper network.

ICTM affiliates:
- can send information on events and opportunities to all ICTM members
- are invited to attend an affiliate lunch at the ICTM Annual Conference
- are entitled to send a non-voting delegate to each ICTM Board meeting
- are strongly recommended to submit an annual update to the ICTM Board
- agree to publicize the work of ICTM to their members

There is no fee to become an ICTM Affiliate. The term of an ICTM Affiliate is five years. After five years, the ICTM Affiliate can send an updated application for consideration for renewal by a majority vote of the ICTM Board at its next meeting.

Note: Updated applications can adapt prior applications; a submission “from scratch” is not required.
ICTM Affiliate Selection Criteria
1. Organization name: *
2. Organizational Purpose and Overview (approximately 250 words): Briefly give the “big picture,” addressing general questions such as:
Please fill this in below. *
3. Mission Alignment: In approximately 50–100 words, explain how your organization’s purpose is aligned with ICTM’s purposes: to encourage active interest in all areas of mathematics and mathematics education, to enhance the teaching and learning of mathematics and the role of mathematics in other disciplines, to promote research in the teaching and learning of mathematics, and to provide opportunities for the exchange of views regarding the teaching and learning of mathematics.
4. Please confirm that your organization fulfills these three criteria: *
5. Historical Interactions: Describe prior and current interactions between your organization and ICTM (such as engagement with ICTM activities, conference, Board, committees, etc.) *
6. Future Promise: Briefly describe potential benefits to both your organization and to ICTM from becoming an affiliate (e.g., reach, collaboration, professional learning, etc.) *
7. Proposed ICTM Liaison: Identify the primary point of contact with ICTM *
ICTM Liaison e-mail *
ICTM Liaison role(s) with your organization, and with ICTM (present and past) *
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