Berlin Modular Society Performance Agreement
Thanks for agreeing to perform at a Berlin Modular Society event! The purpose of this form is to confirm some important information and get some consents from you, the performing artist. This form should be filled in by every member of an act.
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Email *
Artist or Act Name *
Note: For duos or collaborations between artists that often play independently, we suggest combining artist names like Artist 1 & Artist 2 rather than creating a new artist name. 

Note: We might convert this to UPPER or lower case depending on the promotion design. 
Resident Advisor profile name? (if none we suggest you setup, it can take some days to get approved)
Your real name *
Your phone number. We will use this to add you to a WhatsApp group for the event. Please add a note if you don't want us to do this. *
Your Instagram profile name
I'm going to perform at the following event. *
 Event dates are listed here: 
I have marked this event in my calendar and I am 100% certain I can perform on the given date.  *
I have read the section on artist payments  *
If I want to bring my own video, I have read the Performing with Video page. *
I'm aware BMS uses a WhatsApp group for the purposes of event organisation. *
If you don't use WhatsApp, what communication medium is best for you?
I agree to upload a short Bio and promo pictures / short videos in a timely manner. (links will be given on the WhatsApp group) *
We try to live stream our events to our Twitch and Youtube channels with some clips going to our Instagram and Facebook profiles. Note: We will not further publish your work without your explicit consent. You may request we take down your performance after the event if you wish. *
Would you like us to put portions of your performance on the Berlin Modular Society Sound Cloud?
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I agree to actively participate in the promotion of the event by inviting my friends and using my social media networks!
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I would be happy to have live video to accompany my performance if possible
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I understand that BMS will decide and adjust the running order and set times. *
If we make a profit on the event, we split the profits with the artists. Please see for more information. Please enter your IBAN or Paypal address for any artist payment. *
Any other questions / feedback / comments?
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