RISK KAN EWS Webinar 28/04/22 16:00 CEST: Towards the “perfect” weather warning: bridging disciplinary gaps through partnership and communication

Speakers: Dr Brian Golding and Dr Joanne Robbins, UK Met Office and Dr Anna Scolobig (University of Geneva)


This webinar will provide an introduction to the HIWeather book ‘Towards the “perfect” weather warning: bridging disciplinary gaps through partnership and communication’, which will shortly be published. The book is aimed at professionals and trainee professionals with a role in the warning chain, i.e. in weather services, emergency management agencies, disaster risk reduction agencies, risk management sections of infrastructure agencies and relevant parts of government. It aims to make weather warnings more effective in saving lives, property, infrastructure and livelihoods, but its underlying theme is partnership. It draws on extensive research over many years by a large international team working on the High Impact Weather (HIWeather) project of the World Weather Research Programme of the World Meteorological Organisation. The warning process is conceived as a pathway linking observations to weather forecasts to hazard forecasts to socio-economic impact forecasts to warning messages to the protective decision, via a set of five bridges that cross the divides between the relevant organisations and areas of expertise. Each bridge represents the communication, translation and interpretation of information as it passes from one area of expertise to another and ultimately to the decision maker. Without effective partnerships between the disciplines and/or organisations involved at each stage of the warning process, information is lost and distorted.

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