Registration Battle of the Bridge 2018
Last day for registration is August 20th. The event costs 900 SEK.

Maximum attendant number is 100 fencers.

Registration is binding and fee will not be refunded. You will still have to pay the full price of the event, even if you don’t attend, if you drop out after August 20th.

Fencers with outstanding debts to any of the NHFL tournaments need to settle these debts before registering.

For questions, please contact Simon C Lund,

Please note that you need 350 N certified protective gear and that Swedish participants need a competition card.

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Competition card number (Swedish fencers only)
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This is just so that we can make a semi accurate schedule. You can participate in whichever tournaments you want, as long as you staff at least one.
All fencers must be available to work table or be supporting judge for at least one competition (remember that competitions are short, 1-2 hours). However, being the main judge referee is difficult and requires a wide variety of skills. Because of this we offer a 100 SEK discount per tournament that you are serving as main referee in. We will handpick the referees. If you are interested let us know below with a short list of your experience.
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Accomodations *
Please register for this form if you want to sleep at a provided floor, close to the hall. The fee is 150 SEK for two nights, no breakfast included. You will need to bring your own sleeping gear. We will announce closer to the event where we have managed to secure floor space.
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