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Massasoit research internships are paid research jobs that let students contribute to ongoing research projects on the Brocton campus. Students will be challenged to expand their critical thinking, learn to work as a team member, and become more independent. Interns are expected to represent and promote the Massasoit STEM program as a central component of their job.

We have limited positions for our ecological study, determining how land use practices at Massasoit affect ecosystem health and native pollinator communities. There may be other research opportunities--> inquire to

You must have completed at least one 4-credit majors lab science course (with a B- or better) to be considered. (Please note that non-majors courses like genetics, nutrition , and environmental science do not meet this requirement.) Minimum overall GPA requirement is 2.75. You must also be done with any Developmental classes and finished with or enrolled in College Algebra.

Only accepted students will be notified and be invited to meet with the program staff and mentors for an interview.

If you are offered and accept a MCC Research Internship, you are agreeing to abide by the Program Code of Conduct, including a DRESS CODE. You will be an employee of Massasoit STEM.

DRESS CODE: No open toe shoes or sandals. No sleeveless shirts or exposed midriffs. Shorts should reach the knees. No swimwear or jogging attire. Off-campus or official events will require business casual attire unless otherwise notified.

For more info send email to and visit

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