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Dead Serious will be released on OCTOBER 31st, 2021 and we are celebrating with a COVER REVEAL, RELEASE BLITZ, & BLOG TOUR with REVIEWS & EXCLUSIVE OPPORTUNITIES!

Title: Dead Serious
Authors: Vawn Cassidy
Length: 80k
Series: Crawshank's Guide to the Recently Departed, Book 1
Genre: Contemporary, Mystery/Suspense, Paranormal
Tropes: Paranormal/Slow Burn/Opposites Attract.
Content: NA.
Heat: 3 out of 5
Format: Mobi, & ePub
Condition: TBA proof
Tour Type: Full Tour
Release date: October 31st
Review Deadline: November 25th
My name's Tristan Everett and I’ve always preferred the company of the dead. They’re quiet and peaceful, and don’t talk back. For someone as socially awkward as me, working as a pathologist at the Hackney Public Mortuary is perfect… or at least it was.

A freak accident with a rogue ice cube and suddenly I’m Haley Joel Osment, that’s right I see dead people. No longer content to just lie on the table and let me figure out how they died, they’re now peering over my shoulder critiquing my work and confessing their most lascivious sins before skipping off merrily into the afterlife.

Surely my life couldn’t get any weirder, but when London’s most infamous drag queen, Miz Dusty Le Frey, is wheeled in with a toe tag, she’s not prepared to go quietly into the light. Not only is she furious at the prospect of spending eternity in last season’s gold lamé, she’s determined that I help her solve her murder. Now I find myself thrown into a world of sequins and fake eyelashes, and worse still, I may have a teensy crush on Scotland Yards brand new drool-worthy detective, Inspector Danny Hayes, who's been assigned to Dusty’s murder, oh, and did I mention the killer now wants me dead too?

All I ever wanted was a simple life but suddenly I'm juggling work, stiletto's that can double as lethal weapons, a fake medium, a deliciously sexy detective, a stubborn ghost, and a relentless murderer... and things have just gotten dead serious….

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