Ramos Family Going Away Nacho Bar Sign Up: Sunday, April 11, 2021
Please sign up for TWO topping items and one dessert item. Please place food in ziploc bags where indicated and use disposable trays.
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3 Bags of Tortilla Chips (13 oz +)
Diced Tomatoes (1 Gallon Zip lock bag filled, approx 3 pounds)
Diced Onions (1 Gallon Zip Lock Bag filled, approx 4 pounds)
1 Head Shredded Lettuce (1 Galloon Ziplock filled)
5 Pound Bag Shredded Mexican Style Cheese
6- 6.5 oz cans of Sliced Olives (brought in ziplock bag or disposable pan
Salsa: 1 bottle (138 oz)
Pickled Jalapenos: 1 bottle (12 oz+)
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