IPS After School Activities - Term Two
Welcome to all IPS families old and new.

This year all Extra -Curricular Activities (ECA's) will be overseen by the International Preparatory School.

A description and schedule of all Extra - Curricular Activities proposed for this first term are in this form.

Some Activities have continued from last term and students already taking part in those activities were given the first choice to remain in them. These included Radical Mechanicals, Monkeynastics, and Karate.

We are also starting some new activities such as Baking Club, Bollywood Dance Club, Volleyball, Video game creation, Stop Go Animation, and more.

Some activities are due to high demand being offered on more than one day, this includes sculpting, Drama, Baking Club, Water Colour Painting

You are required to complete this form in full and submit it so that your child may be registered.

Extra -Curricular Activities will begin on

Monday 15th January 2018
And will conclude
Friday 23th March, 2018

Should an ECA be missed due to school closure or holiday, the activity will either be made up in the final week of the term.

Parents must indicate below that they are in agreement with the IPS Extra -Curricular Activities Code of Conduct. The code of conduct outlines the responsibilities of each party with regard Extra-Curricular Activities at IPS.

Parents must indicate that they are in agreement with the code of conduct before their child can take part in ECA’s.

Once an ECA is full a waitlist will be started, please DO NOT approach the ECA provider directly.

All fees must be paid at the IPS ADMISSIONS OFFICE – by cash or cheque on or before the first day of the Extra -Curricular Activity.

If a child is registered, but the ECA has not paid in full, then they will NOT be able to take part.
No exceptions.

Please be aware that all ECAs are on a first come first served basis. Your child’s place will be confirmed upon receipt of payment.

All Term One Activities may be downloaded from the IPS Website

You may access all contact information for IPS Coaches on the IPS Website

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Code of Conduct for IPS Extra Curricular Activities
This agreement is made between

The parents (“Parents”) who register their children (“Participants”) for extra-curricula activities (“Extra -Curricular Activities”) organized by the IPS and the IPS Parent Association (“IPS-PA”)..
The coach (“Coach”) is retained by the IPS to conduct specific extra-curricular activities.
IPS which is organizing, under the ageis of International Preparatory School Assocication (“IPS”), paid extra-curricular activities conducted, within the compound of IPS, by Coaches with Participants.
The signatures of all parties involved indicate that they are bound by the present Code of Conduct and its terms (the whole herein-after referred to as the "Code of Conduct") .

Object of the Agreement

To promote enjoyment of the extra-curricular activities for all children of all eligible age groups.
To encourage friendship, cooperation and mutual support between the children.
To experience the joy of working together as a team.
To help the children to develop their potential to its fullest.
To bring out the hidden talents in fields other than academic.

Responsibility of IPS

To employ suitably qualified, experienced and suitable Coaches.
To organize, between Parents and Coaches, the extra-curricular activities at specific schedules and to inform all the parties accordingly;
To be responsible for the coordination of all the Extra -Curricular Activities between Parents and the Coach
To liaise with PE coordinator Hemlata for IPS for sports field and classes to be made available, as far as possible, as per scheduled activities.
To arrange for meetings between Coaches and Parents when necessary.
To attend to any queries from Coaches and Parents.
To decide upon issues, if any, between Parents and Coaches.

Responsibilities of Coaches/teachers of the extra-curricular activities

All Coaches/teachers must have a list of Participants in the activity in respect of which they have been employed for. The list will be provided by the IPS-PA extra-curricular organizers. The list shall include the contact details of all Participants.
On the day of the activity, each coach has to check-in at the PA office by 2.45pm latest to get their register.
The Coaches shall keep a register to monitor the presence of all Participants.

The Coaches shall ensure the Health and Safety of all Participants participating in any extra-curricular activities.
Coaches/Teachers must not leave the premises until all Parents have collected on time their Participants at the end of each session.

The Coach will not take any responsibility for any Participant beyond 15 minutes after collection time.
The Coach will, immediately, inform the parents of a Participant who has met with any accident/incident caused during the extra-curricular session.

Should a Participant be injured in the course of a session, the Coach shall, if possible, give to the Participant first-aid and may take the decision to take the child to the hospital if needed or contact a medical professional. However, the Parents will be informed of same immediately.

Responsibilities of Parents

Ensure that their Participant arrives on time for training sessions and matches and is picked up at the agreed time at the end of the session.

Advise the Coach, at least 3 hours in advance, if their Participant cannot attend a session.

In case a parent will be late he/she has to inform the Coach (not IPS-PA) providing full information on the delay.
Whilst IPS is very understanding towards occasional delays for pick-up due to unforeseen circumstances, it is the duty of each parent to collect their child punctually. If a parent does not come on time to pick his child at the end of the sessions on two occasions during a term then the Coach reserves the right to report the matter to the Head of School. Sanctions may be taken which may entail the suspension or cancellation of the Participant from participating in the specific extra-curricular activity enrolled for or in any subsequent ones organized by IPS in the future. There will be no refund of fees in these circumstances.

Parents are to ensure that payment of fees for all extra-curricular activities they have enrolled their child are to be made in a timely manner. If payment is not made on time, the PA and/or Head of School may take the decision to discontinue the second sessions of activities and/or remove the Participant’s name from the list.

Inform the PA office immediately if there are any changes to the Parent’s contact numbers or email addresses.
Be responsible for their children at all times before and after sessions and whenever they are not in the direct care of the Coaches.

Abide by the rule that only Participants,, Coaches and match officials are allowed on the playing field and abide by any other internal rules as may be directed by the IPS-PA and/or the Coaches for the benefit of the activity and the Participants.

Take responsibility for all friends and family members accompanying them to attend any session.

I, hereby agree that my child Participate in the extra-curricular activity organized by IPS, under the ageis of International Preparatory School Association, and undertake to abide by all the terms of the Code of Conduct and the rules of the activity. *
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