Video Games: Changing Representations of LGBT Groups and the Impact this has had on Production in the Industry
This questionnaire is to conduct Primary research into the way in which LGBT groups has changed the Games industry, in the terms of production and general attitude towards the games which are produced based on positive or negative stereotypes of these groups.

It is important that minority groups are represented in a positive way in the media to ensure that they are provided with positive role models to reduce negative stereotyping in society. The information I collect from this survey will be used in accordance with the UK's GDPR, (General Data Protection Regulation), and as such does not require any 'personal information' to which can be used to identify anyone who takes part in this questionnaire.

Some questions only need to be answered if the question above is answered in a specific way, these 'follow on' questions will be marked with, ' If You Said ……. Above, .........'. Please only answer these questions if you did answer the one above in the way which is asked.

I appreciate you taking part in this questionnaire as it helps me in researching the games industry in terms for the subject manner.
General Information
This section is purely for using general information to compare with the results documented in this questionnaire. All these questions are completely confidential and do not require any direct identifiable information, (characteristics)
What Is Your Gender?
What Age Group Best Fits You? *
Are You A Member of the LGBTQ Community?
As an Individual, What LGBTQ+ Group Would You Characterise Yourself As?
Industry Relevant Questions
These questions will be more specifically directed towards the LGBTQ's representation in Video Games, the positives and negatives of such and a brief look into case studies which are relevant to this questionnaire.
What do you Think About LGBTQ+'s Representation in the Video Games Industry?
In What Way are Characteristics of LGBTQ+ Communities Represented in Games?
Has the Increase in LGBTQ+ Characters in Video Games, Provided a Positive Image of the Community?
How do You Feel About the Current Way In Which LGBTQ is Being Included in the Industry?
'If You Answered Positively or Negatively Above', Why Do You Feel This Way?
Your answer
Should LGBTQ+ Characters be Required for a Video Game?
'If You Answered Yes or No Above', Why Do You Think This?
Your answer
Should Games be Restricted From Making Comedic or Stereotypical Comments on the LGTBQ Community in Games?
'If You Answered Yes or No Above', Why Do You Think This?
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Case Study: Gamergate
In August of 2014, the Gamergate hashtag came to pass following an organised number of attacks on left winged gaming journalists by a 4Chan community originating from /pol/. The controversy lasted a number of months and had video games companies choosing sides.

The event caused a huge controversy for the Gaming community and has effected company representations in making their own video games, for example EA who announced they would change their audience to become more diverse by focusing on more minority groups including racial and LGBTQ+ based characters. This also led to controversial cases being brought against games that refused to include such minority groups for reasons that the company saw to as reasonable. Such examples was of how in the first person shooter, Battlefield 1, did not include any female players in multiplayer on the grounds of historical accuracy and that the game failed to meet the needs of LGBTQ audiences as the characters were not publicly considered to be apart of a LGBTQ group.

The channel Feminist Frequency, led cases against the company and others on the same basis and were a part of the cases brought against Overwatch for not including LGBTQ characters in their original launch of the game. (Feel free to look into the topic more if needed to come to a proper decision on the following questions).
Has Gamergate Effected the Industry's Representation of LGBTQ+ in Video Games?
Should Games Development Studios/Publishers be Taken to Court for Refusal to Outline Representation of the LGBTQ in their Games?
'If You Answered Yes Above', Why Do You Think This?
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Thank You For Taking the Time to Take Part in This Questionnaire
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