Solo and Ensemble 2018 Registration
Solo and Ensemble festival is held at Schoolcraft High school on February 2, 2019. Everyone is encouraged to participate. You may perform a solo, duet, trio, small ensemble. Get your friends together and have some fun playing some music. The cost for the event is:
Solo: $10
Duet/ensemble: $6 per person in the event
Each event must play at least 2 minutes of music. Make sure you time the music before solidifying if you are going to play that piece. You may have to play more than one piece in an ensemble. If you need help finding music, please say so on this form. If you decide to get music on your own, Mrs. Kahler or Mr. Rosier needs to view to make sure it is something that the festival will allow you to perform. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us.
This registration is due Dec. 4
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