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Thanks to our friends at the Waterloo Region Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society (OGS), I have transcripts for 126 cemeteries. These transcripts were produced by volunteers walking through each cemetery, writing down what they could read on each headstone: if a stone was badly weathered or damaged and could not be read, there is no transcript. Other than the associated information in a few of these transcripts, I have no other information. I am a volunteer and do not offer any services other than providing what information is contained in these transcripts. You may request information on more than one individual, per request, if ALL the people you are inquiring about are in the same cemetery (it takes me no more effort to search a PDF once I have it open).

In the "CEMETERY" drop down box below are the names of the cemeteries I have transcripts for, starting with the name recognized by the Canada Genweb Cemetery Project (CGCP), followed by alternative names (in some cases, cemeteries are documented by the OGS under other names, some cemeteries have been renamed or were simply known by other names over time). Information in () in the middle of a name denotes that the information may or may not have appeared in documentation (e.g. "Hagey (Mennonite) Cemetery" can be read as "Hagey Mennonite Cemetery" or just "Hagey Cemetery", but refer to the same cemetery). I have also included the CGCP (ONWAT) reference number. The following name clarifications are included here because there was simply too much information to fit on a form line:
1. Baden Mennonite Old Burying Ground is also known as "Old Baden Burying Ground" or "Baden Old Cemetery".
2. Heidelberg Hillside (aka Conservative Mennonite) and Hillside Cemetery (aka Hillside United) are documented as two distinct cemeteries. They are, however, adjacent to each other at 3200 Boomer Line (formerly Township Road 9 East) and 3210 Boomer Line (both are on East Concession IX, Lot 1) in Wellesley Township.
3. There are three "Mount Hope" cemeteries in K-W (Catholic, Kitchener and Waterloo).
4. The Second St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran United Cemetery (1876 – 1956) in Wellesley Township was renamed St. Mark's Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery in 1957.
5. Steinman Mennonite is a joint burying ground for the Steinman Amish Mennonite and Wilmot Township Amish Mennonite congregations.
6. Wilmot Township SS #10 Cemetery is also known as "Wilmot Township Centre", "Brenneman" and "the Section Ten Cemetery".
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