Jackson County Fair Jackpot Swine Show
Event Date: Thursday, July 30th, 2020 at 5 p.m.
Event Location: Jackson County, MN Fairgrounds
Linette Freking: 507-841-0400 or lfreking@nfpinc.com
Chris Green: 816-500-0850 or cgreen@nfpinc.com
Maggie Post: jacksoncountyyouthexpo@gmail.com

Please use this online entry form to register for the 2020 Jackson County Jackpot Swine Show. More information can be found at Jacksoncountyfairmn.com under the "jackpot shows" tab.
Important Information:
-Online Registrations close Wednesday, July 29th at 6p.m.
-Arrive at Fairgrounds between 1-4 pm Thursday.
-Since this is a live fair, no trailers will be allowed to leave until the show is completely over. Thank you for your understanding.
-Barn space is very limited so showing off the trailer is encouraged
-Check in BY 4 p.m.
-Purebred papers must be shown at check-in
-Health papers are required for out of state livestock
-Must be between ages 5-21
-5% weigh backs - scale in ring
-There will be a $30/hd entry fee to be paid on show day (cash entry is preferred)

Please complete a form for each animal to be registered.
Email *
Exhibitor Name *
Address *
Phone Number *
Animal Identification *
Breed *
Animal Birth Date (Purebred Breeding Gilts Only)
Ear Notchs
Animal Ear Tag Number *
Declared Weight - 5% weight back *
I understand the show committee; Jackson County Fair; or the Jackson County Fairgrounds is not responsible for any accidents, injuries, lost/stolen items, or COVID-19 related disasters. I agree to participate in the show at my own risk. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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