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This is where the Park Hacks series gets its power. Any tips and hacks that you use to have more fun, to save money, or to help maintain energy through a long day, we'd love to hear them!

If this book and site were only limited to the hacks that occurred to the author, the collection of hacks wouldn't be as good. As the community of Park Hackers grows, the tips will get better and better!

Feel free to describe your hacks in as much detail as you like. If I have followup questions, I'll contact you via your email address. If your hack gets included in the book, your name and hometown will be credited beside your tip.

I appreciate the submitted Park Hacks a great deal. As I meet those contributors who shared them, I ask them to sign my personal copy of the book where their hack appears. I also give a paperback copy to them when I meet them.

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Your input will also likely be shared during this season on the blog and to the Facebook page. Your information will help make future editions of the book better. A better book will help families learn how to have great visits to the park!
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