Napoleonic Era Test
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1. How did Napoleon become a hero of the French Revolution? *
2. Napoleon become extremely popular in France after fighting in which country below? *
3. Napoleon helped archeologies decipher ancient hieroglyphics by doing which of the following? *
4. Napoleon took part in which of the following to become First Consul of France? *
5. Napoleon became "Emperor of France" after which of the following? *
6. How tall was Napoleon? *
7. Why did Napoleon used to dress up like a Bourgeoisie and walk the streets of Paris? *
8. How did Napoleon stabilize France after taking control of the country? *
9. Under the Napoleonic Code citizens of France were? *
10. Napoleon was famous for selling which of the following to the United States? *
11. The series of wars fought between the nations of Europe against Napoleon were known as? *
12. Which of the following countries was Napoleon never able to conquer? *
13. Napoleon's forces were defeated by Admiral Nelson at which of the following battles? *
14. Which of the following was one of Napoleon's costly mistakes? *
15. Napoleon's Continental System can best be described as? *
16. Which of the following was a result of Napoleon's Continental System? *
17. What was a major result of Napoleon's Peninsula War? *
18. Which of the following tactics were used to defeat Napoleon in Russia? *
19. Which of the following weapons did the Russians used effectively to defeat Napoleon's invasion? *
20. Which of the following followed Napoleon's exile to Elba *
21. In which of the following battles below was Napoleon finally defeated? *
22. Following Napoleon's final defeat, European leaders met at which of the following? *
23. The goal of the meeting above was to do which of the following? *
24. Who was the most powerful delegate at the Congress of Vienna? *
25. The Congress of Vienna created which of the following? *
26. "Legitimacy" referred to the return of which type of government below? *
Primary Source
27. Read the primary source above. Which of the following best describes how Napoleon felt about his troops following several victories including the Battle of Austerlitz? *
Napoleon's Russian Campaign
28. Use the infographic above. How long did Napoleon's Russia campaign last? *
29. Use the infographic above. Why was it a mistake for Napoleon to stay in Moscow until mid October? *
30. World History Class Plebiscite - Do you feel that Napoleon was a good leader or a poor leader? (There is no right or wrong answer to this question) *
Short Response question: Compose a well written paragraph explaining why you feel Napoleon was either a good leader or a poor leader. Be sure to give examples from what you learned about Napoleon's life, personality, accomplishments, and defeats. *
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