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As Montgomery County students, families, school staff and community members, we support MCPS’s (Montgomery County Public Schools) ongoing efforts to make its curricular offerings more inclusive to better reflect the rich diversity of our county. We are grateful to live in a community that respects and values difference, including in its public school curriculum and content. An opt-out option of MCPS’s approved books or curricula would hinder these efforts.   

Schools are often children’s first exposure to the diversity of their communities. For many children, kindergarten may be their first experience getting to know people who look, believe, or dress differently than their families. When students get to know someone who is different from them, it humanizes those differences, and that exposure could help reduce hate crimes. Anti-bullying and other educational programs may help to improve the general social climate for LGBTQ+ people and, in the process, reduce the biases that spur anti-LGBTQ+ hate crimes

Research shows that when students feel connected to a supportive school community, they do better socially, emotionally, and academically. Exposure to the existence of individuals with different experiences via curricular and supplemental materials is an important part of preparing students for participation in American society. Selective opt-outs of books and content are harmful to ALL students, not just those who could very well feel rejected or invisible when any of their classmates are forbidden from attending a class, but also those who could very well feel excluded and singled out when they are removed from a class. 

We support MCPS’s efforts to be transparent with their curriculum and instructional materials, as well as encourage families to engage in their own discussions – informed by their particular culture or beliefs. MCPS has a review process, which is the proper avenue to determine its curricular materials for all MCPS students.


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