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Thank you for your interest in supporting social justice education on campus and in the wider community by requesting a workshop. The Social Justice Hub Dialogue-Based Workshops provide an opportunity to learn, discuss in small groups and reflect on various social justice-related issues. A summary of all the training the Social Justice Hub provides is located at the following link, The following survey will allow us to tailor the workshop to the needs of the group and provide more information to the facilitators. Once a training is requested, you will receive an email, from the Education Coordinator, to set up a meeting to modify the workshop to the specific needs of the group. The facilitators will be two trained and passionate community members, who will provide all the materials necessary for the workshop. When requesting a workshop we would greatly appreciate a two-week notice.

For more information about dialogue-based workshops visit or contact the Dialogue-Based education coordinator, Julia, at Thank you!
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Thank you! We will be in contact and look forward to working with you.
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