PHS Instructional Staff/Faculty Needs Survey 18-19
Please complete the following survey. Your input will be used as part of our School Improvement Plan.
Indicate how may years you have been working at current school. *
Indicate your highest level of education. *
I have developed daily lesson plans according to the district's curriculum. *
Students understand the standards and academic expectations at our school. *
At my school, professional development is tailored to the school improvement goals and needs of the staff. *
I have developed my lesson plans using Louisiana Student Standards. *
My school provides a variety of ways for parents to become involved at school. *
I have changed my classroom instructional practices based on students' academic needs. *
I have access to instructional technologies (computer, video, internet, etc.) when I need them. *
I frequently assign homework to my students. *
Reading materials and resources in the library reflect our students' cultures. *
I have used a variety of assessment methods to show what students have learned in the classroom (tests, quizzes, projects, portfolios, presentations). *
Classroom rules are fairly enforced at my school by most teachers. *
Teachers meet regularly to collaboratively develop/revise lesson plans and to review student work. *
I check students' homework regularly. *
My instruction provides for the active participation of students. *
Teachers and administrators engage in collaborative decision-making. *
My school invites parents to participate in important decisions about their children's education. *
Our school facilities are safe and secure. *
I have received training in the application of basic behavioral principles to promote appropriate behaviors and address rule violations. *
I feel competent in my abilities to apply basic behavioral principles to promote appropriate behaviors and address rule violations. *
In my school, additional support and instructional time is provided to students who need more help. *
The majority of my school's classrooms have Internet access. *
I help my students to reflect on their progress, identify areas for improvement, and modify their own performance. *
The school-wide discipline team provides the faculty with discipline data summaries to guide decisions regarding discipline and the behavioral support plan. *
My instructional strategies emphasize high-level thinking and problem solving skills. *
Staff members and parents work together to improve the school. *
In my school, students' assessment results are used to focus on and improve instructional programs. *
I encourage my students to use the library. *
I have used different instructional techniques in response to the diversity of learners in my classroom. *
I have given out rewards (other than verbal praise) for students' appropriate behaviors in the last two months. *
In my school, experienced teachers mentor less experienced teachers. *
Administrators in my school act with integrity and fairness. *
I frequently use visual aids in the classroom to help students better understand content. *
Within the last 6 months, student fights in our school have NOT frequently occurred. *
Staff development at my school is focused on identified school needs. *
I have used the results of tests and assessments to plan and adjust my instruction. *
There is consistency among all faculty and administrators in the implementation of discipline procedures (teaching, rewarding, dealing with rule violations, etc.). *
The environment at my school is orderly and supports learning. *
Our school administration supports me in my teaching process. *
Faculty meetings in our school are frequent and productive. *
The school administrators (principal and assistant principal) encourage students to do well in school. *
Staff development is frequent, on-going, and job-embedded. *
The school administrators (principal and assistant principal) are often seen around the school talking with students and faculty. *
I believe that ALL of my students will do well in school. *
To what degree do you use the following strategies in your daily teaching activities? *
None/Not Applicable
Direct instruction with the entire class
Independent or group centers
Independent work (self-paced, individual assignments)
Systematic individual instruction (differential assignments geared to individual needs)
Individual tutoring (teacher, peer, or aide)
Sustained writing/composition (self-selected or teacher-assigned topics)
Use of the computer as a tool or resource
Use of technology (other than computer) as a tool or resource
Integration of subject areas
Experimental "hands-on" learning
Alternative assessment strategies
Student self-assessment (portfolios, record books, etc.)
Student discussion
Use of questioning strategies
In the area below, describe what you believe are 3 strengths at your school. Please provide brief details to clearly express your opinions. *
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In the area below, describe what you believe are 3 weaknesses at your school. Please provide brief details to clearly express your opinions. *
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