OPIRG McMaster Application for Support
Note: This form is for campus and community funding requests. If you are affiliated with an OPIRG PIP, please fill out this https://bit.ly/PIPFinancial form instead, using your PIP email
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What is the name of your organization? *
On behalf of what group, society, club, etc are you applying for support?
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Date Support is required *
Are you applying on behalf of a previously-approved OPIRG McMaster Public Interest Project or Partner? *
Have you worked with or been funded by OPIRG McMaster before?
Please indicate the name and type of activity for which you are requesting support (e.g. workshop, rally, conference, community enrichment, ...). *
Please provide a description of the proposed activity, including the date(s) and location(s) of the activity, its purpose/goals, any affiliated groups, participants, etc. Please discuss how the proposed activity will involve or impact the McMaster or Hamilton community (if applicable). *
Please indicate the kind of support requested (e.g. financial, organizational, publicity, solidarity, etc.) and provide a detailed description of what is required from OPIRG McMaster. *
If you are requesting FINANCIAL support, please indicate the amount requested.
Please also ensure that your request complies with the OPIRG Support Granting Policy.
If you are requesting FINANCIAL support, please indicate the date funds are required by.
If you are requesting financial support, please provide a breakdown of how you will spend the money?
OPIRG McMaster's mission is to empower students and community in exchanging ideas and taking action on diverse social justice and environmental issues. Please use the following field to briefly describe how your group's event, campaign, or action relates, fulfills, or is in accordance with OPIRG McMaster's mission. *
OPIRG McMaster believes it is important to follow up on any activity that it supports and to receive feedback from students and community members who receive our support. Do you agree to submit a report to OPIRG McMaster on the outcome of your proposed activity? *
Do you agree to publicize that your event has been supported by OPIRG McMaster (for instance, by including the OPIRG McMaster logo and branding onto event posters, or other means of advertising)? *
Do you wish to attend the next scheduled OPIRG Board Meeting to make a short (no more than 5 minutes) presentation and answer any questions? *
How did you learn about OPIRG McMaster? *
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