May 2018 Monlam Participant Logistics
Contact Parvati for information and with questions:
or call 602-412-7386
Full Name *
Please include both legal and spiritual names
E Mail *
Phone Number *
You may include both your cell and a landline number or whichever is best to reach you.
Emergecy Contact *
Who should we contact should you have an emergecy? Please include name, phone number, etc
Are you a Member of the Tara Dhatu Educational Program? *
Do you have any medical (allergies, sensitivities) or other special needs we need to know about? *
Can you walk or do you need transport by car at Paraiso Ne Terra? *
At the Paraiso Ne Terra retreat center there are lovely walks to the cafeteria (about 1/4 mile) and to the temple (about 1/2 mile). Many dancers choose to walk but some cannot handle the distance and we provide a car. We need to know if you will need to be driven to these places or if you would prefer to walk.
How is your stamina as far as dancing is concerned? *
You will have a choice how long you want to dance and how long you prefer to sit and support the practice through chanting or meditating. Please give us an idea... if you have no restirctions or considerations, just let us know.
Food preferences and needs *
Please Note: Three meals a day will be provided at Paraiso Ne Terra retreat center as part of our accomidations and the center is fully vegetarian with vegan options. While we are in Brasilia, the hotel includes breakfast with the room and for lunches and dinners Monlam participants will be taken in groups to an area where all will be able to purchase meals and thus select what foods best meet your needs. There will also be one Monlam group meal at the hotel.
Morning Beveerage Drink Of Choice *
Please note that fruit juices will be provided at every meal. Water and non-dairy milk will also be made available.
Wall Sockets and Electricity in Brazil - most (not all) is 220 while in the US it is 110. (Most phones, tablets, and laptops are dual but please check yours.) *
Would you like us to buy plug adapters for you? The wall sockets use unique.... they are 3 holes or 2 (old buildings have both) with rounded points. The cost is about $3 US each and you would reimburse the Monlam team in Brazil when you get the adapter from them. You can also purcahse them from Amazon. (You may want to have them for your journey in case you have an extended stay at a Brazilian airport.)
Do you have any questions?
Questions may take time to process depending on where they must be directed.
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