"After Confirmation" Information Form
You have received the sacrament of Confirmation. Now what?

Tony Carbrello, Dustin Batista, and the Catholic Community of Billerica are interested in helping you continue to be involved in the life of our church after you receive the sacrament of Confirmation. We will reach out to you after you complete this form.

Please fill in as many fields as you are able. Any fields left blank can be discussed during a follow up conversation.
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Information like your parents' email, phone numbers, and address have already been received on past registration forms. We will always copy your parents on electronic communication with you.
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What is the best way to get in touch with you?
For the next few questions, please answer honestly. Your responses will give us something to talk about as we have a conversation about your involvement!
I practice my faith by (check all that apply) *
Check if you do any of the following spiritual practices:
How often did you get to Mass (before the pandemic)?
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How often are you getting to Mass now (during the pandemic) - either in-person or by video?
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Does/do your parent(s) have an active faith life? Active is defined as praying daily, receiving the Sacraments regularly (when not a pandemic), having a positive affiliation with God and His Church.
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Do you feel your faith life would be more active if your parent(s) were more active?
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When making major life decisions, who are you likely to turn to for advice? (choose up to 3) *
There are many ways you can grow in your faith! Which opportunities would you be interested in learning more about?
These are ongoing ministry opportunities
Here are some unique possibilities - how interested would you be in:
Very Interested
Somewhat Interested
Not really interested
Uncertain - would want to learn more
Praise and Worship Music Events (Lift, Ignite, etc.)
Social gatherings (food and discussion)
Pilgrimages (spiritual trip)
Community Service Opportunities (Works of Mercy)
Leadership Training / Growth Opportunities (Steubenville East, Discipleship Week)
Deep Reflection / Scripture Study
Any comments about what you chose above (age of kids to help with, instrument for music ministry, etc.)
Thank you!
We will follow up with you! Please allow two weeks for this communication to happen.
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