Spark Grants: Grant Application (Spring 2023)
Thanks for your interest! Spark Grants provide under-represented founders in North Carolina with free legal services to establish and protect their businesses. Please complete this application with as much detail as possible. If you are not chosen as a recipient for this grant cycle, we will keep your information on file for future cycles; however, you may be asked to reapply.

Current Grant Cycle: Spring 2023, Raleigh/Durham Cohort
Application Deadline: EXTENDED to 5 pm EST on March 31st, 2023
Package of Legal Services Provided: LLC Setup, Operating Agreement, Corporate Consents, Educational Workshop, Access to Startup Resources
Commitment: Participation in 4-week educational workshop (a 1-hour session per week); feedback & testimonials (as requested)
Eligibility: Early stage company; at least one under-represented founder; based in North Carolina (Spring 2023 cohort focused on Raleigh/Durham-based companies); in need of foundational legal services.

We aim to encourage a diverse and inclusive environment. We are using guidance from The Diversity Movement to collect demographic data in this application. Our selection process uses a pre-determined matrix based on demographic data, industry, location, availability, and legal need. 

All information provided in this application will be kept confidential.
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