Parent Input Form - Class Placement 2020-2021
It is time for us to consider class placements for the 2020-2021 school year. The class placement process is complex and involves the expertise of many JBE educators. This form is designed to make your input easy to interpret and use. Teachers give feedback on every student and school administrators meet to discuss every student’s placement. This optional form is strictly for parents to provide additional information. While your input will be valued, the ultimate decision will be that of the school. Our primary goal is to make sure that each and every child has the optimal learning environment. As always, forms that state or imply a request for a specific teacher will not be accepted.

*Please complete one form per student.
*Late forms (after 3:00 on May 20th) will be returned.
*Only this document will be considered during placement. (i.e. no attached documents or additional comments).
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