Pre-Talk Survey Mental Health Literacy Talk - Dragonfly Mental Health
Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. The purpose of this survey is two fold:

1) to assess prior objective knowledge about mental health
2) to ensure that as many voices as possible can be heard during the discussion portion of Dragonfly Mental Health's lecture, "A Scientist's Primer on Mental Health."

Please note that your responses will be ANONYMOUS, and may be summarized or read aloud during the discussion. Your answers may also be used by Dragonfly Mental Health, a nonprofit organization, to pursue their mission to cultivate excellent mental health among academics worldwide.

Content Warning: This survey asks about mental health, suicide and suicidality.
Sixteen percent of all people will suffer a Major Depression at some point during their lifetime.
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Surveys of PhD graduate students have demonstrated that over half of students experience signs and symptoms of anxiety.
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Mental illnesses are treatable medical diseases.
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Substance abuse and mental health issues rarely ever co-occur.
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There are certain groups of people who are immune to mental health struggles.
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Please select one of the below that best describes your position:
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Please enter your primary department or program:
Do you know someone who has struggled with their mental health? (e.g., depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, eating disorder, schizophrenia)
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Do you know someone who has thought about, attempted, or died by suicide?
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What are some reasons that might prevent someone who is struggling with their mental health or suicidal thoughts from getting help?
What are the unique barriers to getting help for graduate students, postdocs or faculty?
What are some ways that mental health concerns can impact a person's ability to be successful in work or school?
What are some things that you have done to support yourself or others when struggling with mental health concerns.
What are some things you have thought about doing to support yourself or others when struggling, but were hesitant to do?
How is the COVID-19 pandemic affecting your mental health?
Do you have any questions or topics you would like to have addressed during the talk and/or discussion?
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