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Valentine's Dinner for 2 Box
Valentine's Breakfast with Cupid
Half/Whole Steers & Pigs
Half/Whole Steer; custom cut, wrapped, and delivered (~$7.00/lb)
Half/Whole Pig; custom cut, wrapped, and delivered (~$5.00/lb)
Premium Cuts 1 Pack: Flanks (~$19.00/lb)
Choice Steaks 1 Pack: T-Bone (~$16.00/lb)
Choice Steaks 1 Pack: Porterhouse (~$16.00/lb)
Choice Steaks 1 Pack: Ribeye (~$16.00/lb)
Chuck Steaks 1 Pack (~$13.00/lb)
Steakums/Sliced Sirloin (~$7.00/lb)
Roasts {avg 3lbs} Chuck (~$13.00)
Roasts {avg 3lbs} Rump (~$13.00)
Ground Beef 1lb (~$6.00)
1/2lb Patties 1lb Packs - 2 Patties Per Pack (~$8.00)
Soup Bones with Meat (~$5.00)
Soup Bones with Bone Broth (~$5.00)
Cubed Meat 1lb (~$5.00)
Half Ham Slices (~$5.00/Slice)
Maple Finger Link Sausage 1lb (~$7.00)
Sweet Finger Link Sausage 1lb (~$7.00)
Hot Large Link Sausage 1.5lb: (~$7.00)
Sweet Large Link Sausage 1.5lb (~$7.00)
Bacon 1lb (~$8.00)
Plain Bulk Sausage 1lb/pk (~$5.00)
Hot Bulk Sausage 1lb/pk (~$5.00)
Sweet Bulk Sausage 1lb/pk (~$5.00)
Sweet Italian Bulk Sausage 1lb/pk (~$5.00)
Pork Chops 2/pk (~$7.00)
Pork Roast 2-3lb (~$13.00)
Pork Ribs: Country (~$5.00/lb)
Organ Meat: Beef or Pork (~$3.00/lb)
We will contact you and let you know which selections are available
Whole Chicken 3 or 4lb (~$3.75/lb)
Split Breast (~$4.50/lb)
Thighs 4/pk (~$4.00)
Legs 4/pk (~$4.00)
Livers/Hearts (~$3.00/lb)
Quarter Leg (~$4.50/lb)
Quarter Breast: 2/Package (~$4.50/lb)
Eggs (~$3.00/dozen)
Chicken Feet 5lb Bag (~$10.00)
For specialty products that are not listed or bulk quantity write in the product and amount below or give us a call at 724-344-7992
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Delivery is free with a $100.00 purchase and within 50 miles. Deliveries over 50 miles will be charged a delivery fee based on distance.
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