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Jabulani Youths for Transformation (JAY4T) is a creation of young people of Africa to impact the whole world through their ideas put into actualization and practical incentives. JAY4T creates a platform for young people to make positive ad sustainable change for the community.

JAY4T was established on the 5th December, 2013 by a group of young people, initially as a youth group. Through the years JAY4T has remained to be a youth led entity and has not only grown in membership but also in capacity and progressed into being an NGO with a non-profit status.

JAY4T embraces the recently incepted Circular Design and the all time Human Centered Design in developing its projects and programs. Founded in Kenya, the Organization is determined to scale up to the entire Sub-Saharan Africa region, employing partnerships and joint ventures to accomplish common goals with the community. JAY4T supports Sustainable Development Goals through its projects and programs. JAY4T is a work of young people for the world.

Our focus is on five key areas; Education, Good Governance, Social Entrepreneurship, Environment, and Housing and Settlement. All our objects revolve around young people and the community and create an opportunity for young people to innovatively foster positive change through a participatory strategy.
Our youth-led crew, has teamwork, selflessness, love and resilience as the motivation to transformational leadership. At JAY4T, there is no “I” in the team, we cooperate, we build together, we push together, the weakest foot does not get left behind. We embrace being leaders without titles—for we work for a transcendent cause. We lead from behind as we bring the best out of everyone in the team, impacting our communities.
Mission Statement
With great enthusiasm and love we embrace our responsibility to promote good governance, access to education, proper housing and settlement, while engaging young people in environmental conservation and equipping them with economic skills.
Vision Statement
A generation of young people who are self-dependent, interdependent, responsible, upright, healthy, literate, united, supportive, and active with their talents in a clean and healthy environment
1. Diversity
2. Collaboration
3. Humility and service
4. Growth and learning
5. Creativity and Innovation
1. Love
2. Resilience
3. Sustainability
4. Transformation
5. Participatory Strategy
Membership Requirements
We are currently accepting membership from young people, aged up to 35 years who are like minded and passionate about transforming the society by first being transformed within, and are targeting individuals who have piloted projects or using their talents, skills and abilities to give back to the society.

The Organization is majorly on the look for youths with exceptional leadership abilities, entrepreneurship skills, passion in environmental conservation and waste management, administrative and research skills, understanding of the challenges affecting Africa and how to address them and a highly competitive youthful team to execute the Organizations goals.

The requirements are as follows:

One should:

• be 8-35 years of age
• have willingness to engage in regular online activity
• have an interest in long-term engagement with peers on issues pertaining to youths in Africa and challenges facing Africa at large
• Submit a registration fee of $2.00.
• Submit a membership fee of $1.00 per month for facilitation during the membership, from the month of registration.
• have a willingness to participate in the regular activities organized by the Organization
• have a willingness to serve and give back to the society
• have a willingness to represent the organization as a good role model to the society
• have a willingness to mentor at least one fellow young person to becoming a better youth
Rules pertaining membership
1. Once a member, one is expected to be a team player and interdependent, otherwise one will be assumed to be dormant and the membership might be withdrawn on such basis.
2. The Organization’s equipment for any activity must be returned after use in good condition, failure to which one may incur penalties according to the damage.
3. One should not cause disturbance of any kind within the organization’s premises and to the other members.
4. Every member must observe the principles of the Organization, failure to which membership of the affected member may be terminated.
5. The projects or tasks, and equipment subjected any member must be taken care of and accounted for by the member(s), failure to which the task may be withdrawn and offered to another member.
6. Membership will be renewed every year individually by the member, to ascertain active involvement.
• Private dialogue and best practices sharing
• Opportunities to attend the Jabulani Youths for Transformation Summit, Conferences, Workshops, Exhibitions and Shows
• Sustained participation in a running dialogue held within our online social media platforms
• Collaborative published work authored by 2 or more working group members
• In-person meetings and discussions
• Independently organized web conferences
• Published media mentions of program activities
• Sustained participation in Jabulani Youths fir Transformation projects, programs and functions
• Significant awards and extra-mile honors for active and hardworking members
• Retreats and fun fairs organized by the Organization
• Leadership experience through frequent leadership tasks and teambuilding
• Opportunities for interacting with both young and old influential people across the world
• Opportunity to showcase one’s talent and express worthwhile ideas
• Opportunities to join JAY4T Secretariat
• Opportunities to represent JAY4T in functions within the country and internationally as well
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