JALT Hokkaido Intercultural Awareness Series: Neal Hall, M.D. - Racism in Society
Saturday 8 June, 2019

Time: 17:30 - 19:00

Free admission

Location: Hokkai-Gakuen University (Toyohira-campus)
The International Conference Hall Library Building 6th Floor.

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Speaker: Dr. Neal Hall’s poetry speaks not just to the surface pain of injustice but deep into that pain. We label and package into genteel socio-political-economic-religious constructs to blur the common lines of cause, that is our shared story. A shared story that should unite us in a common struggle to be free. Dr. Hall will do some short readings of his work, and then have a question and answer session about his work and experience as a poet. Dr. Neal Hall is an internationally acclaimed poet. He was awarded the 2019 Black Caucus of the American Library Association Best Poetry Book Award. He has authored six books including, 'Weight of Just Black'. His writing has been translated into 7 different languages. He has performed readings throughout the U.S. and internationally to include: Canada, France, Ghana, India, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Kenya, Morocco and Nepal. He graduated from Cornell and Harvard Universities and has previously worked as a surgical eye physician.
To learn more about Dr. Hall, please visit his website at NealHallpoet.com .
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