Gunsmith Cats Stretch Goal Priorities
Because the Explosive Edition exceeded the last stretch goal, we have extra production budget that can be allocated to improving the set.

Listed below are possible ways we can use this extra budget. Rank them in order of preference (only one item can be ranked 1st, etc.)

Note that these possibilities are not mutually-exclusive; there may be enough budget to include more than one.

The 4 options are as follows:

Upgrade Packaging
For example, add holofoil to the amaray insert and premium chipboard case.
Additional Peter Erskine Music
Mr. Erskine has selected a previously created composition (Little Fun K) that is in the same style as Gunsmith Cats. It would be used as menu music and/or music video music on the Blu-ray.
Include Gunsmith Cats Rubber Straps
Each blu-ray would also come with a pair of Rally/May rubber phone straps.
Add More Dōjinshi Pages
More manga for the artbook (would also be available digitally).
Rank the options from 1-4 *
Upgrade Packaging
Additional Music
Rubber Straps
More Dōjinshi
Comments & Suggestions
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