"More Cowbell. More Awe."                             4th Annual Regional Retreat, February 2024                           

Let's gather! 
This invitation is for Sources of Strength teams which hold a current license for Secondary Sources of Strength by November 2023. Please invite a local primary care provider to attend one or both of the dates. The primary care providers. like Trusted Adults, should share the qualities of being Positive, Caring and Connected.

Goal: Have an AWEsome gathering.

Learners are invited to:
1) Experience an introduction to the emerging research and science of "Awe," as researched by Dacher Keltner.
2) Explore the associations with Awe and an iconic "MORE Cowbell," skit from Saturday Night Live, 2002.
3) Define Awe within one's self, school culture and community by applying The Wheel (8 Strengths/Protective Factors).
4) Collectively produce a comparative list detailing evidence of obstacles and opportunities of Awe being actualized in self, school culture and community.
5) Experience designing a positive messaging campaign - "More Cowbell. More Awe."

High School, 9-12th grades (February 14th) & 
Middle School 6-8th grades (February 21st) 
*We will hope for clear skies and moderate temperatures. If there is inclement weather impacting UW-Platteville, the retreat will be rescheduled. If there is inclement weather impacting most schools, best effort will be given to try to reschedule with UW-Platteville, school schedules and cinematographer, however not guaranteed. Partial payment is refundable depending on the requirements for the services and venue.
Ullsvik Hall, UW-Platteville 

Sam Li and Crew will be returning both days to strengthen the positive messaging. Sam will develop a 4 minute video for high school and a 4 minute video for middle school.

Catering will provide continental breakfast, burrito bar lunch (OMGoodness - such a yummy burrito bar - Right!?) and popcorn/assorted cheese afternoon snack.

We welcome submissions for a logo and/or t-shirt design. Please ask learners to email designs to Alex@connectstrength.com. Submissions accepted until September 30, 2023. The individual or group who submits the ultimately selected logo/design will be awarded $2024. Announcement of award by October 30, 2023. More than one submission is welcome per person/group. Person or individual are defined as being a Trusted Adult employed or volunteering and a Peer Leader (HS or MS) who attend one of the districts partnering with Connect Strength for 1-5 years.

Need to discuss? Please call Katrina at Connect Strength (608) 553-0279
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