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Lack of performance can be a significant factor during the aircraft purchase decision making process. Some prefer high cruising speed, while others tend to substitute this for economy or range. What are your preferences?
1. Cruising speed: what is your preferred cruising speed capability for an aircraft? *
2. Stall speed: what stall speed are you most comfortable with? (ignoring the broader topic relating to aircraft being 'able' to stall at any speed and attitude) *
3. Maximum speed: what preference do you have for the maximum permitted speed of an aircraft in straight an level flight? *
4. Range: do you prefer an aircraft capable of travelling a significant distance? *
5. Duration: do you prefer aircraft to have a longer or shorter duration? *
The actual make-up of an aircraft is very important. Some people have a preference for simplicity while others thrive on complexity - what about you?
6. Describe your preference by ticking the relevant boxes below - *
7. Engine: what is your main engine preference? *
8. Seating: what seating arrangement is most preferable for your circumstances? *
Aircraft age can have quite an influence on the purchasing decision. This influence can be direct i.e. your own personal preference or indirect in that your flying group or your spouse has strong feelings about the matter. What about you?
9. Year of manufacture: what age of aircraft are you most comfortable flying? *
10. Condition inside: what state do you prefer the interior condition of the aircraft to be in? *
11. Condition outside: what state do you prefer the exterior condition of the aircraft to be in? *
About You
Kindly tell us a little bit about yourself, your flying experience and any ratings you have -
12. How many years have you been flying under the privileges of your own licence? *
13. Which of the following ratings do you have? *
14. Experience: how many total flying hours experience (i.e. the total from your log book) do you have? *
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