Nominations for Organizational Awards
2018 Awards nomination form for Organizational Awards.
2018 Customer Service Awards: Main Category
Customer feedback on the most customer focused companies in Zambia
The Categories
As a customer, which organizations have striven to meet your needs or provided the best customer care in Zambia in the service sectors they operate in? Please respond with the best organisation per sector below.
Hospitality Sector (Hotels, Motels, Lodges etc):
Telecommunications (mobile & fixed network ):
Banking (Banks and other financial institutions):
Healthcare (hospitals, clinics, surgeries etc):
Public Enterprises (Govt Departments, State Owned & Quasi Govt Organizations)
Transport & Logistics (Courier services, Freight, Airlines, Tours):
Retail (Supermarkets, Departmental shops etc):
Insurance (General, Life, Health, Finance etc):
Internet (Data) Service/Access Providers
Media (Online or Broadcasting Content providers, Digital, Print, Multimedia)
ICT and Technology Solutions
Which company operates the best call centre in Zambia? (when you call that company's hotline you dont hold for too long and the people and service are very good)
Which company offered you the most outstanding customer experience this year.
Using any number from 1 to 10, where 1 is the worst customer care possible and 10 is the best customer care possible, what number would you use to rate the country's overall Customer Care as delivered by the various companies in Zambia?
Worst Customer Care
Best Customer Care
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