Shelters Seeking Transport & Assistance
As with any disaster response effort, there will be a variety of critical needs ranging from emergency animal transport and sheltering to swift water rescue to supply logistics. Shelters and organizations from around the nation have stepped forward to help shelters impacted by Hurricane Dorian. Please complete this survey if you are the appropriate representative to seek animal transport, volunteers for emergency animal sheltering, supply donations, and other types of assistance for your shelter.

Your organization contact and information will be held confidentially in a database only accessed by proper authorities designated to assist emergency response efforts.
What is your level of urgency in needing a transport of animals? *
Have you submitted a mission request of your county EOC? *
Animal Transport
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Name of Point of Contact for Animal Transport: *
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Number of dogs currently in your shelter? *
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Number of dogs that are transportable (off legal hold, healthy, adoptable)? *
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Number of cats currently in your shelter? *
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Number of cats that are transportable (off legal hold, healthy, adoptable)? *
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Number of other animals needing transport (rabbits, guinea pigs, horses, etc.): *
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Is electronic inventory available? *
What animal inventory database do you use? *
Do you have an existing transport partnership with another organization? *
If yes, what is the name of the shelter and point of contact information?
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Is transportation needed to transfer animals out of your shelter? (example: you need a cargo van to drive the animals to the airport or staging area) *
Are you able to obtain digital health certificates (CVIs)? *
Additional Shelter Assistance and Donations
Some shelters have offered to send a team of trained staff and volunteers to assist in your community. Corporate partners, grant makers and sponsors have also indicated they could donate products like food, supplies, etc.
If you need additional staffing to support your operations, please indicate those needs below. We need help with: *
Emergency Animal Sheltering (Operational Leadership)
Animal Handling and Husbandry
Field Operations
Dispatch Operations
Technical Rescue (repelling, trench and excavation, rope rescue, etc.)
Emergency Animal Decontamination Process
Equine and other livestock handling
Search and Rescue
Swift Water Rescue
RVT (Registered Veterinary Technician)
Behaviorist or Trainer
IT (Information Technology)
Bilingual in Spanish and English
Volunteer Management
Supply Logistics
Safety & Risk Management
Communications (Media, video, photography, etc.)
Which donations and supplies do you need to become operational and sustainable? Please check all that apply. *
Do you need point-of-care diagnostic tests (Leukemia, FIV, Heartworm, Parvo, Giardia)? *
If YES, what brand of point-of-care diagnostic tests do you prefer?
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Shipping Location and Contact Information for Supplies
Point of contact to receive donated supplies: *
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Supply point of contact cell: *
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Supply point of contact email: *
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Shipping Street Address: *
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Shipping State: *
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Shipping Zip Code: *
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Comments And Additional Information
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